Bioefficacy of new generation insecticides

bioefficacy of new generation insecticides A new generation of safe insecticides might prove to be the most efficient, if we’re to judge the latest findings made by an international team of researchers.

Bioefficacy of new generation insecticides on spodoptera litura (lepidotera: noctuidae) in amaranth p m krishna, tb mathew abstract: spodoptera litura major pest on vegetable amaranth.

The bioefficacy of newer insecticides against the sucking pests of chilli and safety of these insecticides to natural enemy population in chilli ecosystem were evaluated at college of agriculture, vellayani, thiruvananthapuram, kerala.

Original article relative efficacy of some newer insecticides on the mortality of jassid field experiments were conducted in winter season with brinjal to evaluate the efficacy of some new generation insecticides against two important sucking insects, amrasca devastans (jassid or. Download citation on researchgate | bio-efficacy of cyazypyr 10% od, a new anthranilic diamide insecticide, against the insect pests of tomato and its impact on natural enemies and crop health. There are new generation pyrethroids discovered and mainly used in household insecticide products in different parts of the world these are largely polyfluorinated benzyl compounds (transfluthrin, metofluthrin, etc), also known to be semivolatile in nature.

Full-text paper (pdf): bioefficacy and safety evaluation of newer insecticides and acaricides against chilli thrips and mites.

Bioefficacy of new generation insecticides

Persistence and bioefficacy (as termiticide) of bifenthrin, a new generation pyrethroids insecticides, was studied under subtropical conditions bifenthrin (biflex 25 ec) was applied @ 75, 15, 225 and 30 kg ha-1 in 17×17 inch plots having termite infestation the bioefficacy of bifenthrin was studied in terms of the damage caused by termites to the wooden block placed in the centre of plot.

  • The efficacy of new insecticides against sucking insect pestsviz, leafhopper, aphid, whitefly and thrips in cotton were employment generation and foreign exchangemain losses bio efficacy of new insecticides for sucking pests of transgenic cotton 80.

Bioefficacy of new generation insecticides
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